During the first decades of the last century, after a period of intense technical and technological growth, the idea of a centralized complex grid to massively supply low cost energy to the new industrial economy took hold.  At that time, and long after, major investments have been made to develop a costly and complex high voltage power grid to supply the huge quantity of users scattered all around the country, far away from large centralized generation plants. At that time, buildings were small and large industrial loads were priority.

Nowadays, we are in the midst of a transition to clean energies, supported by the exponential cost improvements of solar generation, storage and other clean energy sources, combined with new innovative business models. Micro grids, leaders in this process, portend the disruption of the complex high voltage power grid as we know it today.

Buildings consume more than 40% of the total energy produced worldwide and nearly 70% of the total electricity generated. Therefore, Zero Energy Buildings, acting as nano-grids integrated in self-sustained communities (micro-grids) represent a strong hope for an energy-sustainable future.  However, it is of high priority to take up the challenge of developing new breakthrough technologies and cost improvements in order to make possible a fast and massive implementation.

On this scenario and from now on, building power distribution is a HIGH PRIORITY.

Building Power is a nonprofit initiative to establish a cooperative network through an e-marketing platform with educational content, aimed at architects, engineers and builders; while strengthening the ecosystem of entrepreneurship around clean energies on buildings.


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